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Establishing Paternity in California

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A common misconception is that unmarried parents have limited rights when it comes to child custody, visitation, and child support; however, this is not usually true. At Elene M. Mylordos, Attorney at Law, we are proud to offer outstanding representation to unmarried parents who are seeking to establish paternity, also known as parentage, orders. Our talented and highly experienced Pleasanton and East Bay family lawyer can work with you to help you understand what it means to establish paternity and how it can help you.

Why determine parentage?

Under the Uniform Parentage Act, the birth mother has no more right to custody of the child than the birth father. Either parent may seek physical custody of the child and both parents have a right to visitation. Because the child has no custodian until an order of parentage has been made, it is extremely important that a parent establish parentage and custody before family difficulties arise, such as when one parent moves away with the child and the other parent finds they have no legal standing to prevent this from happening. Once parentage has been legally established, the child is eligible for child support, health insurance, inheritance rights, and other benefits that the parents might receive.

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