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Are you considering filing for divorce? It is essential that you retain the representation of an experienced and talented lawyer who can help ensure that your rights are protected. At Elene M. Mylordos, Attorney at Law, we are proud to offer outstanding representation to individuals throughout the Pleasanton and East Bay area!

We can take the following actions to help you with your divorce:

  • Help you know what to expect
  • Communicate during each step of the case
  • Develop a plan of action to help with your emotions
  • Customize an approach to your case
  • Provide you with options to resolve your case

You can trust that we will develop a personalized strategy for you during this difficult family issue.

Retain an Experienced Lawyer for Your Divorce

Filing for divorce is more than just a legal agreement to terminate your marriage, it involves a myriad of complicated issues that you and your spouse will need to work through and resolve. Our legal team has been helping clients with every step of their divorce case for over 25 years.

Our firm can provide you with personalized service and an individual course strategy to ensure that you are fully ready for each step of your case.

We can help you answer all of the questions you have that pertain to divorce, including:

  • Who will get the house?
  • Where will the children live?
  • What are my visitation rights?
  • What are my support rights?

Family Law Cases We Handle

Our team works to empower our clients through education, and if you find yourself facing any of the following family law or divorce-related concerns, now is the time to retain the representation of our team!

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Are you interested in learning more about your rights in a family law proceeding? If so, do not hesitate to retain the legal services that we offer at Elene M. Mylordos, Attorney at Law!

Attorney Elene M. Mylordos proudly serves the Pleasanton and East Bay area, and we encourage you to contact our office to schedule your initial consultation with Elene M. Mylordos today!

We Represent You

  • Help you know what to realistically expect

  • Communicate promptly with you during the course of your case

  • Develop a plan of action to help with the emotions involved

  • Assist in the transition to a new stage of life

  • Provide you with options to address your situation

  • Customize an approach to your case