Unbundled Services

Unbundled Services & Limited Scope Representation

If you are interested in having an attorney help you with particular aspects of your case but do not wish to retain an attorney on all issues, unbundled family law services or limited scope representation may be the perfect solution for you.

Unbundled family law services are a means of mitigating the high cost of legal fees. It allows you, the client, to control your case as a self-represented party while obtaining legal services as needed. For example, if you need assistance with technical issues such as pensions, stock option, and business interests, you can hire an attorney as your consultant to answer your questions related to the law as it applies to those particular issues. You may also hire an attorney for unbundled family law services to assist you with drafting legal documents, coaching for mediation, assistance with strategy, or even having an attorney represent you in court for a specific issue or a particular hearing.

To learn more about our unbundled services and limited scope representation services, contact Elene M. Mylordos, Attorney at Law to schedule your free, 30-minute consultation with an experienced Pleasanton divorce attorney from our firm. We are proud to provide services to residents throughout the area, including Costa County, Alameda County, and all of the East Bay.

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Our firm is proud to represent individuals in the Pleasanton and East Bay area and we have achieved successful results for our past clients. We always take into consideration each individual's unique family dynamic and work actively to ensure that his or her conflict is resolved as quickly and professionally as possible. Our team is devoted to fostering outstanding client-attorney relationships, and we encourage you to contact Elene M. Mylordos, Attorney at Law today and schedule a consultation with our team. We offer 30-minute consultations in person or over the phone directly with an attorney.