Firm Overview

Firm Overview

At the law firm of Mylordos & Harris, Attorneys at Law, LLP , our East Bay divorce attorneys represent clients in family law and divorce cases. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys are prepared to offer clients legal information, advice and options tailored to address the specific issues in each case, including consultations and advice regarding all family law matters, mediation and collaboration, or traditional divorce litigation when necessary.

Our family law lawyers and staff are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for our clients. We understand that the best result is not measured in dollars alone, but in whether our client’s objectives were met in securing sufficient financial resources and preserving and protecting relationships with children, relatives, or the other spouse with whom the client may need to continue a co-parenting relationship. We work diligently to accomplish our client’s objectives.

We are committed to keeping our clients informed about the progress of their case throughout the process. At Mylordos & Harris, Attorneys at Law, LLP we know that the courts can be intimidating and the legal process confusing. As your attorneys, it is part of our job to demystify the legal process. We take the time to explain things in a common-sense way so that our clients are able to make informed decisions.

Our attorneys are also dedicated to seeking efficient and cost-effective alternatives to litigation whenever possible. We offer alternatives to traditional litigation such as mediation, coaching or a more collaborative approach to settlement in which clients retain the power to make decisions regarding the issues in their case. Alternative approaches allow clients to keep their negotiations private and maintain control over the resolution of issues in their divorce, child custody or property division case. Why hand these important decisions affecting you and your family’s future over to a judge? With knowledge, information and support, you can decide for yourself what is best for your own individual situation and negotiate a fair and equitable settlement that reflects the specific needs of your family.

If litigation does become necessary, our attorneys are appropriately aggressive in protecting our client’s interests. We are also aware of the risks and costs associated with prolonged litigation, and will continue to seek options for early resolution of cases, consistent with our client’s objectives.

Attention Out-of-State Clients: We capably assist many clients who live outside California. Often, these clients previously resided in California or finalized a divorce in California and now want to modify a child support or custody order. We understand the challenges for out-of-state clients and will always attempt to resolve matters without the necessity of the client’s return to California.

Contact the East Bay divorce lawyers at Mylordos & Harris, Attorneys at Law, LLP for comprehensive family law services. We serve residents of the East Bay area of California, including Alameda County and Contra Costa County and the nearby cities of Martinez, Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Livermore, San Ramon, Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda, Emeryville, Dublin, Berkeley and Oakland.